Green Chili Pulled Pork

This green chili pulled pork roast roast recipe has a part one and a part two.  Part one is the roast itself and then part two will be a green chili pulled pork enchilada recipe.  Whole pork shoulder roasts (also called Boston butt roasts) that are sold whole in the bag are inexpensive and huge.  This is a lot of meat!  If you don’t want to make part two, you can simply put the leftovers in the freezer and enjoy them a different night.

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Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a staple in Irish homes and pubs.  It’s really more of a traditional Irish dish than corned beef and cabbage.  You can make it with lamb or ground beef.  If you want to make it a more healthy version, you can swap ground turkey.  I happen to live with a lamb hater (the meat, not the cute furriness of baby sheep) and he doesn’t seem to think that ground turkey is “real meat” so here’s my recipe for shepherd’s pie with ground beef.  As you’ve gotten to know me through my recipes, you know that I add red wine to anything I can so there’s a good amount of a wine in this.  If you don’t want to cook with the wine, just sub low-sodium beef stock.

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Irish Soda Bread

This Irish soda bread recipe is super easy to make and tastes fantastic.  Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like some Irish soda bread, right?  I also love it as a breakfast.  Top it with some butter and have it with a cup of hot coffee. Soooo good.  Note this recipe makes 2 loaves.  My family eats the entire first loaf with dinner so I always make a back-up so I can squirrel some of it to work for breakfast or a snack during the day.  If you don’t want two loaves, simply halve the recipe.

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Pork Fried Rice

Bowl of Homemade Fried Rice

Sunday’s pork roast didn’t quite get polished off and left a good amount of leftover meat.  That lends to a perfect new dish for the work week – pork fried rice.  Chop up that leftover pork, scramble a few eggs, chop a few fresh vegetables and you have a quick stir-fry everyone will love.  You can use whatever vegetables you have on hand but the key for this meal to taste like you ordered it in your favorite Chinese restaurant is sesame oil.  You don’t need a lot, a little dab will do ya.  And if you have sesame seeds to throw in and toast a bit at the end, well, that just puts it over the top! Read more