Chicken and Kielbasa Cassoulet

chicken and kielbasa cassoulet

This chicken and kielbasa cassoulet is a hearty, savory, and inexpensive family meal. It feeds a lot for just a little. It also makes for fantastic leftovers. The main ingredients of this cassoulet are boneless, skinless chicken thighs, turkey kielbasa, and Great Northern Beans. This dish takes some time to make if you are using dried beans but you can easily substitute canned beans.

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Slow Cooker Turkey Chili

slow cooker turkey chili

This slow cooker turkey chili is easy to make and customizable to your carb preferences. I make it low-carb, meaning I double the amount of meat and add only one can of beans. You can make it keto by just leaving the beans out all together. Or, if you love a hearty chili with beans, simply add a can or two more. It’s up to you! The turkey, vegetables, and spices simmer all day in the slow cooker so no matter how you like it, it’s delicious!

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