Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup

Slow cooker beef barley soup

Are you feeling the chill?  A little fall nip in the air?  Are you ready for some hearty soup?  This slow cooker beef barley soup recipe is souper easy to make (see what I did there…hee hee).  And once again, a wonderful smell wafts at you when you open the door after a long work day.  Have you noticed it’s getting darker much earlier now too?  Winter is coming…  I made this soup on Monday night and plopped the it in the slow cooker on Tuesday morning.  Tuesdays are always the roughest day of the week for me.  Never Monday for some reason.  So it was a great treat to come home to an already made comfort meal.

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Fresh Vegetable Soup with Pasta

This fresh vegetable soup with pasta comes together in about 20 minutes and is a great easy weeknight dinner.  You can use any fresh vegetables you want.  If you don’t want to spend time chopping and prepping the veggies, you can get the pre-cut ones at the grocery store.  I’ve even made this soup with a leftover veggie tray from a party!  I’ve also made it heavy on the zucchini and tomatoes when I’ve had more than I could handle from my garden.  Whichever veggies you decide to use, just keep the ratio close to what I have and it should taste great.  

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New England Clam Chowder

Growing up in New York, one of my favorite comfort foods was New England clam chowder.  The smell of little neck clams steaming open, the wafting aroma of a roux made with freshly cut bacon fat and flour.  Sigh.  Now that I live in the middle of the desert, I can still cook the same delicious foods, with a little bit of adaptation.  Gone are the freshly cut bacon slabs (my dad was a butcher) and fresh clams just brought to the docks.  But I have to say, quality packaged bacon and frozen clam meat have saved the day!  

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